Nishat Linen Summer 2012 Collection | Latest Fashion Trend in 2012-2013

We have already discussed about nishat textile and nishatLinen collection, in our previous articles Nishatlinen winter 2011-2012 Collection and in latest shawl collection of Nishat Linen, but now, here we are going to share you some latest collections of Nishat Linen Summer 2012-2013. Just like previous brilliant collection of Nishat Linen, this time Nishat Linen again took innovation to introduced latest collection Nishat Linen 2012 collection for summer latest Gorgeous designs. Nishat Linen not only initiated the latest collection but also pioneered latest trend for 2012 and 2013
Nishat Linen 2012-13 summer collection introduced some brilliant innovation like flapper trouser, long shirt with churi-pajama, Anarkali Frock in long style with churi pajama, Chunat Frock in traditional balochi style, open shirt and casual dresses. These collections took some modifications and new trend. Let’s have a look on them 

Long Shirt with Churi-Pajama

Flapper Trouser

Latest Trend for 2012

Long Anarkali Frock

Umbrella Frocks

Short Frock

Long Shirt with Churi Pajama

Nishat Linen Long Shirt

Cuts Frock

Long Frock with Anakali Pattern

Nishat Linen 2012 Collection

Long Shirts of Nishat Linen

Chunat Frock in Traditional Look

Nishat Linen Summer Collection

Long U-Style Frock

Funky Look of New Trend

Latest Open Shirt Fashion

Casual Chiffon Frock
Like previous edition of Nishat Linen, in this season summer 2012 Nishat again pioneered in introducing new trend. Nishat focused on Long shirts and long frocks, Nishat not only introduced latest trend but also introduced old fashion with modification. Like Anarkali frock in long shirt, Short frock, U shape frock, belt style frock etc. you can easily buy this Nishat-Linen Summer 2012 collection from nishat Linen Store. Because this collection is out for stores.

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